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The Fairfield team of professionals of over 1,800 employees specialize in property acquisitions, market research, finance, design, construction, property management, sales and marketing, brokerage, accounting and administration.

Fairfield Residential's project management portal is powered by Projectmates. Projectmates provides online project management and team collaboration for mission critical tasks. Projectmates' easy-to-use system facilitates teams to collaborate drawings, documents, project scheduling and other work-flow processes remotely in real time over the Internet.

Projectmates Portfolio Enterprise Reporting enables the executives track the project progress, budgets, and changes real time.

Projectmates Construction Program Management Software

Today's construction projects are faster-paced than ever before. Projectmates online construction industry software exceeds clients' expectations with real-time, up-to-the-minute access to the most accurate information to keep owners and major stakeholders informed for quick decision making.

Projectmates is the most comprehensive online project management software available today. It blends all of the following aspects and more into an integrated and simple project management software solution:

See for yourself why Projectmates' construction management software for real estate development projects is the standard by which all others are measured—no other software for construction integrates more features in such an easy to use format.

Get in the game—get Projectmates.

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Projectmates web based construction management software for Fairfield Residential.